SSAT Practice Test – Analogies

SSAT practice test sample Analogy questions

Sample Question 1 - Kid is to goat as…

  • A) Puppy is to kitten
  • B) Cub is to bear
  • C) Cat is to rat
  • D) Dog is to wolf
  • E) Cougar is to cat

Answer – Kid is the name used for young or baby goats, cub is what young or baby bears are called. Kid and cub describe baby animals, The most correct answer is (B) cub is to bear.

Sample Question 2 – Word is to sentance as…..

  • A) Sentance is to book
  • B) Sentence is to paragraph
  • C) Punctuation is to paragraph
  • D) Paragraph is to outline
  • E) Outline is to chapter

Answer – A sentence is made up of many words, a paragraph is made up of many sentences. The most correct answer is (B) sentence is to paragraph.


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