SSAT Practice Test – Sentence Completion

SSAT practice test sample sentence completion questions

Sample Question 1 –  While the floral fragrance of the purfume was ___________, he could still catch a whiff of it now and then.

  • A) Mild
  • B) Strong
  • C) Amiable
  • D) Lengthy

Answer:  (A) the question requires you to compare ‘catching a whiff of something’ and contrasting it with being a ‘Mild’ fragrance.

Sample Question 2 – Athough he was very __________, he couldn’t compose a poem for his girlfriend.

  • A) Heavy
  • B) Effeminate
  • C) Articulate
  • D) Grievous

Answer:  (C) Articulate implies being able to speak and write well, which when using although, requires the opposite of ‘being able to compose a poem’ to me true.

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