The SSAT Test Explained

SSAT Test Explained Breakdown – Sections

Candidates have 155 minutes to complete the sections in total. The section are broken down as follows:

  • Mathematics, one 25 minute section which includes algebra and another one 25 minute section which include general equations and word problems.
  • Verbal Section, lasting 30 minutes and has 60 questions in total, half on Synonyms ( A Synonym is a word or group of word that have either the exact or similar meanings. e.g HOT and WARM are Synonyms as they have the same or nearly the same meaning.) and the other half on Analogy. ( Analogy is a kind of word problem where two word have opposite meanings. For example LIGHT and DARK….. and LATE and EARLY. see examples on the practice Q&A page.)
  • Reading, this section takes 40 min and has 40 question about several written passages show to the candidate.
  • Essay, candidates Will have 25 minutes to write an essay with the instructions or details provided. This is the section which will be sent to the private school for them to analyze. Candidates do not need to worry about being scored on this but they should concentrate on providing the kind of quality essay that will help them get into their chosen private school. Each school the student will apply to will be sent a copy of their essay along with their SSAT score details.

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